Lafayette American is a creative and strategic agency based in Detroit. We received an award from Graphis for our Marrow work just as another client opened its doors. We created a beautiful poster for Norden Aquavit. Toby wrote about launches and movies. Oh, and we created some more digital work for Milk Bar.
Is this an advertising agency?
Sort of.
Is this an advertising agency? Absolutely. Definitely. Sort of.

Our Model

We are a strategic and creative shop that taps into the wealth of independent talent available in the world today. This way, you can hire the world's best while simultaneously having your marketing and branding projects managed by people both knowledgeable in your brand and invested in your success. You only pay for what you need. Once victory is achieved, we shake hands and move on.


There are so many strategic resources out there. We selectively marshal and drive those resources, pulling them into our orbit and aiming them at your unique problem. Combining the world's best talent in planning and research with our own expertise, we combine audience intelligence, deep market knowledge, and key competitive insights to discover the differentiation that drives growth.

Brand Building + Transformation

Whether you’re starting from scratch or completely relaunching, we have the tools in hand to help create a distinctive brand platform that will stand out on the horizon. Our design team, our planning resources, and our creative department all have experience creating brands celebrated the world over. We will find a brand story, look and feel, and strategic direction that is true to your vision.


Our design team has worked on global brands and won global awards, all without growing globally huge egos. We listen and collaborate and bring you lovely, smart, inspired looking work. Our team dives deep into the details, showing you how far the design thinking can reach into your idea. We do not want to overpromise, but do not be surprised if we pleasantly surprise you with our work.

Production Expertise

Whether it is creating and producing a TV campaign (we've done the Super Bowl, and more) or overseeing an experiential marketing event or making a video for a sales conference, we make sure it has the quality and lives up to world class standards. We have partnerships and positive history with the most award-winning production companies and post houses out there. We're obsessive.

New Frontiers

The media and marketing landscape is changing. We designed our company to be innovation agnostic, allowing us to plug into whatever is next with smart strategy, high value production, elegant design and whip-smart creative. Because no matter what that next "thing" is, it will need human insights and creativity to make it relatable, empathetic, emotional, and empowering.