RFP: Production Companies
Documentary — Caregivers

The objective of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to select and identify a filmmaker/producer/production company for a pair of documentaries to be filmed and produced for release in early 2020.

We are seeking independent filmmakers or production companies who want to tell a compelling story about Caregivers and the challenges and opportunities they face. Filmmakers can submit to produce one film, or both.

The films’  stories/issues/themes should in some way involve Southeast Michigan (Greater Detroit region) and/or Northwest New York (Greater Buffalo region.)  Filmmakers should feel encouraged to share the story they want to tell, in compelling, emotional, entertaining, engaging ways.

The films will be produced with the intent of being widely shared through various relevant organizations and social media platforms, and released in the first quarter of 2020 in conjunction with an 8 part podcast focused on the same subject - currently being produced by Ashley Milne-Tyte and Limina House.

We are also open to exploring potential festival submission.

The documentary films supported through this RFP should be compelling in their approach and exhibit a unique artistic vision.  Our hope/plan is that the documentaries will reach a broad audience and move the dial toward meaningful change and impact. This objective requires that the film projects submitted to us combine clear communication with artistic excellence; they must have the potential to thoroughly engage an audience while preparing them for action.

Regarding research: we have already created connections with groups working in the caregiving field, including AARP and Family Caregiver Alliance, and are willing to connect filmmakers to organizations we have ties to as needed.

We seek to ennoble the act of caregiving. Stories of caregivers simply do not receive considerable attention by mainstream media, or empathy from the greater culture, but ultimately that work affects us all.

Note: We are specifically interested in caregiving for the aging, ie the many challenges and rewards that work involves for the Caregiver.


  • Must be able to turn around project in 6 month period

  • Must be capable of building content around initial research and subject identification as well as completing additional research on subject matter

  • Must be able to travel primarily between Western New York and Southeast Michigan

  • Turnkey production (pre-production/research/shoot/edit/revise) with Executive Production and Editorial input from Lafayette American/Limina House

  • Editorial reviews, trailer creation

  • Final Output - digital format for shareable social media

Scope of Services, Expected Outputs and Target Completion:

  • Review relevant  literature, documents and materials provided by L/A and Limina House and undertake consultations with select L/A Team.

  • Submit  budget, to L/A for review with periodic budget/expense review

  • Submit reconciled budget and all expense backup at project completion

  • Deliver documentary outlines, and work with L/A research team to select compelling subjects for documentary

  • Share subject research periodically for team updates

  • Produce one short to medium length (20 min approx) documentary films

  • Present films to L/A and RCWJRF for review and input/trailers etc

  • Finalize the documentary films after incorporating feedback from the team

Proposal should include:

  • A paragraph on your relationship to Caregiving.  If it has touched your life in any way or through personal experiences with a Caregiver or the act of Caregiving.

  • Up to three links of completed films, commercials or other relevant documentary content


Please email your application to rcw@lafayetteamerican.com  

Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you.

About Lafayette American:

Lafayette American is a creative and strategy focused marketing company located in Detroit. Our staff includes an eclectic mix of expertise in advertising, new media platforms, story, and design. Our writer’s have been published in The New York Times, The Paris Review, and Salon.  

About Limina House:

Founded by a co-creator of Radiolab, Limina House is a company primarily focused on content design with an expertise in podcast strategy and production, and strategy.