Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation — RFP

Lafayette American and Limina House are seeking independent podcast producers who have a passion for telling stories that change lives for the better.

Starting this Spring, we will be partnering with the Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation (RCWJRF) and a broad range of community partners on a year-long project to produce a body of work that will explore and ennoble the work of Family Caregivers.

Our idea is simple: We want to use the techniques of great storytelling to deliver significant impact in the ways our culture considers Family Caregivers of older adults. We are looking for media makers who are hungry for a challenge and on a mission to create work that improves the lives of others.  

This RFP is designed to raise awareness of this project among independent audio producers and initiate a competitive selection process to award the story development and production assignments.

This is not an entry level project.
A well-documented body of work will be essential.


Family Caregivers are deploying a tremendous range of creative, empathetic, and innovative solutions and strategies to manage the many challenges they face in our society. We want to work with producers who can tie the larger human and cultural forces to the specific, first-person stories.

Ultimately, this project has a clear intention: we want to instigate a ripple through our culture that changes the conversation around Family Caregivers and elevates the value of this noble work.

At the end of the year long project, we will have a podcast series that brings to life the realities of Family Caregivers who may be a spouse, elderly themselves, going it alone, or part of a “team” that includes siblings, friends, their community and even paid support. The project will use short films, podcasts, social media and a robust community engagement program to connect the world to the ideas. Through this wide media and engagement strategy, the project will not only bring the stories to life and raise awareness of the issues surrounding Family Caregivers, but will also spur meaningful, constructive action.

Based in solutions journalism and focused on how people can rally together, these films, podcasts and social media will tell stories that are informative, moving, personal, and inspiring. The stories will have universal resonance, but will be sourced from the Southeast Michigan and Western New York regions - the areas of focus for RCWJRF.

Lafayette American and Limina House have a passion for impact media and are looking for partners who will bring strong craft, heart, curiosity and drive to their work. The producers, foundation partners and audio teams will collaborate on story identification and selection, so this isn’t a project for lone wolf iconoclasts.

Equally important is celebrating emotions of joy and love shared by families, friends, and community in the caregiver journey as, ideally, safe passage is provided to their loved ones in their final years.

Along the way, the media producers will benefit from RCWJRF’s Family Caregiver topic expertise and relationships as you create work that illustrates the ways our culture lives with and prepares for the growing number of families that will take on the caregiver role.


As a recent Practica study shows, the role of Family Caregivers will only grow to be more important over time: “In the next 30 years, the number of people over 65 is projected to more than double, rising from 46 million to over 98 million.”

This population shift will affect every corner of our world, presenting both enormous challenges and unprecedented opportunities for Family Caregivers. The communities they live in, the businesses that employ them, and healthcare and other systems that seek to support them will need to reimagine themselves to better serve families. Technology, the growing number of millennials caring for older family members (currently 1 in 4 family caregivers is a millennial), and the “fact” that only about half of family caregivers identify as such makes raising awareness, generating conversation, and highlighting alternatives to the status quo that often leaves caregivers isolated and stressed, an imperative. In a country that prizes youth and often shuns getting old, this dynamic also plays a profound role in isolating and generating stress for Family Caregivers.


This is not an entry level project.
A well-documented body of work will be essential.

If you are an audio journalist, write a short summary that:

  • introduces yourself/team

  • provides a summary of expertise

  • includes links to 2 - 3 examples of previous works

  • includes 3 recent work or client references

  • and why this project is of particular interest to you

Please email your application to rcw@lafayetteamerican.com by Friday, April 5, 2019.  

Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you.

The folks at Lafayette American and Limina House