There are a lot of different avenues to  success.
We like this one because it's smart, inexpensive, and fruitful. 

The Conversation. Let’s put all the issues on the table.
Note: clearly, this is no different that what other agencies do. At this point we also ask The 13 Predictable Questions.

Eyeballing It. Can we tackle this with the core team? If not who are the best in the world for this?
Note: okay, this is a little different. We don't necessarily do everything ourselves. We might. Or we might find better experts.

The Big Dig. Now that we have the whole team assembled, let’s search for more clues.
Note: this is like a lot of other shops, but because of the team we’ve assembled and how we marry our expertise with their fresh thinking, we get better results.

Soup Stock. Let’s whip up some thinking.
Note: Yes, this is what other shops do.

Test Drive. How does that fit? Too tight? A bit loud?
Note: this is what you do, but we think - because we mix established relationships and special guests - it leads to better feedback. Less politics, more work.

Hot House. Time for answers.
Note: this is distinct to our process, a concentrated pressure cooker that pushes creative answers to new levels, based on your feedback.

Clock Stop. Decisions are made.
Note: this is what usually happens, but we just think the work will be better because of the quality of the people involved.

Shazam. Wherein we aim the Tesla coils and turn on the power.
Note: this is production and it’s something we do very well. We have crazy, exacting standards. It is exhausting for us.

Rear Window. Okay, boy, what did we learn from this little adventure?
Note: this is really up to you, but we can help. We like learning from our successes and failures. And we like to be honest in our evaluation.


The 13 Predictable Questions:

  1. What is your business problem?
  2. What does your greatest enemy look like? 
  3. Who is your core customer?
  4. Who is your aspirational customer?
  5. What problem do you solve for customers?
  6. What is their journey like to get to your product?
  7. Who currently uses your product?
  8. Who currently loves your product?
  9. How could you be more focused on your customer?
  10. What are you absolutely sure doesn’t work?
  11. What marketing and communication do you remember liking in any category, any medium?
  12. What’s your budget?
  13. What is your favorite movie?