What's in a Name?
Lafayette American is named after two restaurants. Lafayette Coney Island. American Coney Island. They are located right next door to one another. They offer the same thing: chili dogs.

There are other cities with their own culinary rivalries. This is ours. And here in Detroit, people are incredibly passionate on the subject. Some love American. Others love Lafayette.

This is how human beings work. Given two seemingly identical products, we still find a myriad of reasons to choose one over the other. Rationally, we’re talking chili dogs here. But emotionally? What do we connect with? Perhaps it is the story of how we found the place, or the guy who first served us, maybe it is the company we find ourselves with when we’re there, it might be the history and heritage, the nostalgia, or just the lighting. All of these elements lie at the root of what makes brands strong. All of this is the basic DNA of marketing.

So, what is your story? How do you compare to whatever you’re sitting next to? What makes people choose you? What makes them passionate for you?

This is what interests us.

Does it interest you?